About Us

The Heart of 2L Farms

CherylandTerri2L Farms was born from a desire to get back to basics and enjoy the best this earth has to offer. For over twenty years Cheryl and Terri’s paths kept crossing, and each time we discovered more commonalities in our passions. So we partnered to form 2L Farms, a union of our experience, desire and talents. The name “2L Farms” was derived from our last names, having 2 L’s in GlideweLL and 2 L’s in MeLLing.

We both have worked in the corporate environment most of our lives, but our passions have always been natural products produced from raising livestock and organic gardens to feed our families; basically getting back to the farm way of life. Now we want to share that passion with others who can gain from the health benefits or those who just want to enjoy the great taste and better quality of naturally raised livestock and natural gardening.

Our Roots

Cheryl was raised in Iowa and comes from a farming background. She has been tending animals and producing garden products since she was a young girl in 4-H and loves entertaining friends and family on the farm.

Terri was raised in the city, but always had a small garden. She regularly subsidized the garden from the local farmers’ markets and bought local meats whenever available.  Now that Terri’s living in the country, the garden has grown in size and sustainable living is second nature. “It’s amazing to me how much the earth can provide when you take care of it and nurture it the way it was meant to be”, said Terri. “I love growing good produce and making good, healthy products that can be enjoyed year round.”

Today we operate a 51-acre farm in Leavenworth, Kansas that sits atop the eastern hills of Kansas. Being close to the earth and the livestock, taking care of them, and reaping the earth’s harvest is not only a joy, but offers us fulfillment and purpose we can’t wait to share with you.